Why we pretend to care about Customer Service

A young kid stopped me outside Lowes asking if I wanted to donate to help the turtles in the ocean, I said no. He said to me “do you not care about the environment?”, I shouted back “of course I do!”

Everyone cares about customer Service, and it is kind of pissing me off because it’s not true. People like me have shamed everyone on earth into claiming to care about customer Service. It is getting in the way of an honest dialogue.

My post office has a huge banner that brags about how much  customer service means to them, I stared at it as I waited in line for 35 minutes to ship a gift to my sister in Canada. The sign should have been a giant middle finger.

Over the weekend I was putting together benchmarking for a client and every single competitor of theirs had the words “customer experience” on their site – the client is in the prison business.

What is so wrong with everyone finding religion about customer Service and the customer experience? Well look around – the customer service you are receiving getting better? I can’t call any 1800 number around young kids because it will be me yelling obscenities into my phone.

Companies are spraying technology at every Customer Service problem like a teenager who just discovered Axe body spray.

The gap between all the Customer Service promises every company makes and the reality is what I focus on. The person responsible for minding that gap is you – The customer Service professional. You have a tough job, but I need you to be the leader of the resistance. I can arm you with the tools you need to bring IT, Finance, Marketing & The rest of the company along.

I am rooting for you.

 If you lead or work in Customer Service I want to help.

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