Relationship Mapping LIVE Workshop


Like a lot of companies you probably struggle with building engagement and loyalty with customers, employees and everyone you have a company relationship with. At the end of our workshop you will work away with clarity on what exactly your constituents want and what you can do to meet their needs wholesale software and process changes.

Relationship Mapping works for Employees, Patients, customers, shareholders, Students, the list goes on and on. 

Our relationship mapping LIVE workshop in an interactive, engaging deep dive into discovering your customers need and your employee pain points in meeting those needs.  We conduct employee and customer interviews for clear perspective.  Then we work with your team to evaluate your brand promise, develop strategic statements, discuss moments of truth and problem solve to create a better employee and customer experience.

Purchase your workshop today and be on the road to building a better experience.



This Live two day, eight hour virtual workshop will be sure to invigorate your team and propel your employee and customer experiences.   Each workshop can host up to 20 participants and is both engaging and interactive.  This workshop contains Pre-work, live workshops with breakout groups and a follow up read out.   You will receive a Journey Map and other deliverables.