Humanity in Service Technology

Every single time I have been to an Oklahoma Sooner bowl game we have lost.

Five straight bowl losses with me in the audience.

As you can imagine people started begging and raising money so I never go to another OU bowl game. I thought clearly we had a crappy coach, but the whole world said it was my fault.

So I stopped going to Bowl games, and the team continued to lose. I was framed unfairly.

Speaking of getting blamed unfairly, you know how EVERYONE (including yours truly), blamed a host of mental issues on social media without any hard data.

Well, turns out some people did do an eight year longitudinal study and guess what Social Media is not the cause of all societal ills.

Social Media happened to be in the room like I was at the OU bowl games.

In Customer service, Phone Automated systems have a lower approval rating than Ebola. Technology is widely blamed for all the ills of customer service, too many people believe if there was less technology things will be better. If you feel that way I can’t blame you for thinking that – the anecdotal evidence against technology is mounting.

Technology in customer service is comically bad, technology is supposed to make things faster and better, yet I feel like I am waiting longer for service that is increasingly less human.

The culprit is not technology, it is the humans – the humans who design and deploy technology in service.

It is overly focused on “cost savings” and “efficiency” and it loses its humanity.

We need to bring more humanity into service technology and when we do.

We will get better adoption – I called a phone automated system that I did not hate a few months back. Even better, I couldn’t tell that it was a phone automated system. I felt no need to push all the buttons on my phone so I could get a human and it didn’t suck

As a rule I advise clients to never make technology the star of the show, unless you can demonstrably prove that the human version is worse from the customer’s point of view.


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