At Better Experience Group Our goal is to improve your employee and therefore Your customer experience. We have a developed a proven 4 step process that has helped many companies do just that.

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Customer Experience Professionals

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What we do

Client-focused strategies to enhance revenues, drive new and repeat business, and delight your customers


We help you delight your customers, transform your organization with a new customer-centric strategy, and a customer-focused culture at every level. I help companies reduce customer churn, increase loyalty, and measurably improve profits and revenues.


As a speaker, I enliven your audience, inspire bold action, cast light on best practices, and draw to your attention managerial insight you have not pondered. I create a-ha moments – episodes of enthusiasm, reflection, inspiration and intellectual enrichment.


Leveraging my years of experience and insights, my writings helps companies find and implement the right people, processes and technology to transform the Customer Experience and deliver results.


There is no bigger expert in the field of Customer Experience who enlightens and entertains more than Amas Tenumah, I recommend him wholeheartedly as a Speaker! Hands down, he is the best speaker around.
Sean Lennon
Program Director
Mr. Tenumah empowers his audience to boldly change the way we go about our work. He dares all of us to lead our profession so that the “customer” and the employee will benefit from the change.
Jonny Griffin
Managing Director
An inspiring speaker and hands-on consultant, Amas Tenumah knows how to empower and engage his audience. He brings a refreshing point of view to the table at every engagement. Highly recommended!
Scott Robbins